We know! You have all been wondering what would be opening in the commercial space of The Nordelec. You have heard rumours. People have been gossiping. You have been tempted to install microphones in our offices. We have been thinking of keeping you hanging just a little bit longer, but we figured that the torture had to stop at some point. So, we are proud to tell you, yes, YOU dear chocolate lovers, that Cacao 70 has chosen The Nordelec has the home of its new location for Fall 2016.


Wait, you don’t know Cacao 70? That’s impossible! Well then, let us introduce you. Cacao 70 is a dessert restaurant where you can indulge in chocolate while relaxing with some friends after a hard day’s work or while having brunch on a beautiful Sunday. With already four great locations to serve you (and another one coming really soon right underneath your feet), Cacao 70’s popularity keeps growing. And there is no wondering why. Its menu filled with a wide collection of chocolates from around the world will take you on a fabulous trip with deliciousness as the destination. The magic of it all is that, with all they are offering, there is something for every single taste.


Their Cacao 70 Experience plates are filled with various mixes of brownies, waffles, fruits and chocolate. They also offer these experiences as sharing plates so you and your partner in crime can both enjoy a big bite of everything. We must admit we have a little something for the grilled marshmallows plate which comes with its own little grill so you can feel like you’re eating your marshmallows around a nice bonfire… without that annoying friend of yours singing cheesy songs on his guitar.

If you are looking for something more classic, you will not be disappointed. They excel at revisiting vintage recipes. Their Cacao70 cheesecake, vintage strawberry shortcake or triple chocolate cake will most certainly seduce you.

On the contrary, you are looking for something to take you off the beaten path? Don’t worry; they’ve got you covered with their selection of dessert pizzas. Yes, you heard right. Their sweet version of this internationally acclaimed Italian dish comes in all kinds of attractive flavours from peanut butter to marshmallow, including Nutella ricotta cheese. These sweet delights are ideal to share and deliciously fun to eat.

Of course, no respectable dessert restaurant can skip waffles and crêpes and we must admit that Cacao 70 masters them completely. From classics such as Nutella and fruit or crepes suzette (yes, done the way it should be: with Grand Marnier) to waffles topped with ice cream and rivers of chocolate, the fact that you won’t be able to choose only one plate will be the only thing you will be able to hold against them.

That’s not enough chocolate for you? Ok then, just turn the pages of the menu until you arrive to their fondues. Yes, we know; you will not even want to share the double portion but at least try. Of course you can try the classic fondue and choose the type of chocolate you want. But we strongly recommend you try one of their own compositions, as they will simply blow your mind. Once you try one of them, you will never see fondue the same way again. Psst…There is even one with brown rum named the Flaming Turtle Chocolate fondue!

Now, we know that’s a lot of chocolate (like there can ever be too much chocolate). But don’t worry, you can also get something savoury as they offer grilled sandwiches, pressed crepe sandwiches, salted crepe and salads. Their brunch menu, served from 10am to 4pm, also offers salty options serving eggs in every style… along with more crêpes, waffles and chocolate, of course!

And, if you are feeling thirsty, you can top it all off with one of their hot chocolates inspired by recipes coming from everywhere on the globe, shakes and milkshakes, smoothies, iced coffees and even a chocolate beer.

Now, we’ve got you craving for chocolate and Fall seems far away. Do not despair! Cacao 70 has a lovely location on Sainte-Catherine West near Atwater. That should help you with the wait. You are welcome!


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