With back to school already here, we wanted to give you our top pick to have a comforting cup of tea with your friends here in the South-West area. Plenty of choices!

Toi & Moi Café:

toimoi et café

It’s been a few years now since Canada has rediscovered tea’s virtues, notably its anti-oxidant properties. “Toi, Moi & Café “ participates in the promotion of this millennial beverage in a very active fashion: the venue also acts as a “tea house” and offers a wide selection of over 45 specialized teas, picked up in the most prestigious gardens in the world. A well deserved break around a black tea cup and a piece of strudel apple pie.

Maison de Thé Cha Noir:


cha noir

In order to represent properly the Middle and Far East, the venue offers over a hundred types of tea, which changes depending on the passionate owner’s discoveries. Settled in a new location, almost three times bigger than before with its 1800 sq.ft., the place is a genuine haven of peace in Montreal’s Southwest borough. You’ll find teas made with natural ingredients, without artificial aromas, which enhances the qualities of the tea instead of masking them.

Ma Tante Quiche:

Ma Tante Quiche, a gorgeous café-bistro, offers a unique brunch menu in Pointe-Saint-Charles, as well as an excellent selection of dishes and sandwiches for lunch. The wine list is definitely to discover and is also available with the take out menu.

After a delicious slice of pie (many exceptional flavours are available) and a teacup, you’ll wander around with no desire to leave whatsoever, while sitting on their colourful bench seats in the middle of their retro 60’s décor.