Jogger friends, you know that monotony is the enemy of motivation, whether you’re a marathon runner or a Sunday racer. If Montreal has a whole lot of well known running courses, Lachine Canal certainly deserves the title of the most diversified running course in town. You doubt it? Here’s proof in 15 serious-not-so-serious points. Humor is advised.

  1. The track bordering the Canal is 14.5 km long, extending from Western Old Port to the Chemin du Musée in Lachine: enough to avoid boredom. Be advised to keep some energy for a safe return if you ever run the whole path back and forth.
  2. On a long portion of the course, the pedestrian path is totally separated from the cycling path. The common segment is, for its part, wide enough so that cyclists and runners can live in harmony together.
  3. Many kilometers of this track are made of grit, which is excellent considering that asphalt is responsible for impact injuries of thousands of runners each year.
  4. If you train yourself to barefoot running and your feet are starting to get used to it, it’s an ideal track to run toes-free.

feet on grave


  1. Forget about car traffic, as the course is totally separated from the road.
  2. In August 2009, Time Magazine ranked the course alongside the Canal the 3rd most beautiful urban running course in the world (the WORLD!)
  1. The Lachine Canal Park is owned by Parks Canada. So going there is almost like going on vacation. Almost.
  2. The view of Downtown Montreal is even more beautiful than the one from Mont-Royal’s belvedere (especially at dusk and dawn)
  3. The presence of abandoned factories, transformed into gigantic urban art pieces by graffiti artists, is really impressive.



The Canal itself is unique in the world, with its locks, fishermen (of sunfish, bass, goldfish and perch, according to rumors), and its banks full of flowers, tall grass and matured trees.

  1. The challenge to race against kayakers and dragon-boat athletes training on the western side of Atwater market (not those on the eastern side, those are tourists).
  1. Two watering areas to quench your thirst (one near the pedestrian bridge about Atwater Market and one on the northern bank of Côte-Saint-Paul locks).
  1. If you’re totally indifferent to water, you can also have a fresh beer at Terrasse St-Ambroise, in the backyard of McAuslan Brewery.
  1. You can finish your running session at Atwater Market, to replenish burned calories.atwater market
  1. To reach one of THE MOST ROMANTIC AND MAGIC hideaways in Montreal, under a gigantic grove of willow trees. This piece of paradise is approximately 28 minutes away from the Nordelec Condos & Lofts when you jog. Just run westbound, on the northern side of the Canal.

willow tree 3                willow tree 2




Happy running!